Already using paper straws? Here's what you need to do next to make it profitable


So, you’ve already made the step away from plastic straws – congratulations! However, as I am sure you’re all too aware, the switch isn’t the cheapest and you’re probably feeling like the margin for each drink sold has just shrunk a little bit. Well fear not, this blog post will let you know how to turn your decision to ditch plastic straws into a profitable one.

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Firstly, shout about it on social media…

If you’re ever in need of a piece of high-engaging content for your social media channels, you can’t really do much better than a post announcing that you’re ditching the plastic straw! Even if you made the change a while ago but never announced it, we recommend that you do a post stating that your business is not using plastic straws. When posting on social media platforms that use hashtags make sure you use tags that will gather a lot of likes making sure more of your followers will see the post. Some popular ones are #noplasticstraws, #saynotoplastic and #savetheocean.

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Secondly, refine your supply chain…

If you’ve just made the step away from plastic straws then the chances are you probably just went with the cheapest supplier you could find on the first page of Google. We found that if you dig just a little deeper past the first page of Google you’ll be able to save a significant sum, especially if you order in bulk and you’re prepared to wait for overseas shipping. Perhaps the biggest savings can be made by ordering from international vending sites such as AliExpress. Be wary however, as a number of vendors will ship their non-plastic straws using single-use plastic packaging – be sure to read product reviews to avoid this from happening. Also please be aware that buying from overseas may increase the carbon footprint of your supply chain if your existing supplier produces/sources their straws in the UK.

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Lastly, grab one of our stickers…

You’ve probably seen our No Plastic Straws sticker in a bar or restaurant’s window – it’s one of the most recognised symbols for businesses to display to show that they’re taking action against single-use plastics. If you’ve already made the step away from plastic straws then your next step is to put one of our stickers in your window and start reaping the rewards. We asked 1,000 UK consumers if they saw one of our stickers in a business’s window would they be more likely to purchase from them, and 89% (891) of them said that they would.


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