Three reasons why your business should stop using plastic straws


The decision for your business to move away from plastic straws can be a tough one because on the surface it seems like it can be expensive — but that isn’t necessarily true. Here are the three main reasons according to the No Plastic Project your business should stop using plastic straws.

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Firstly, it feels good to be involved with an ethically run business…

If you’re involved with an ethically run business, be that via a staff or customer relationship, your day shines a little brighter if that business is ethically run. The non-plastic straw has become a symbol for ethically run businesses over the past five years. If a positive employer/customer brand image is something that your business is striving towards, there aren’t many bigger steps that you can take than ditching the plastic straw.

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Secondly, you should make the jump before you’re pushed...

It’s inevitable that plastic straws will be banned, it’s not a question of if but a question of when. In fact the U.K. government has laid out plans to prohibit the distribution and sale of plastic straws with the ban expect to be enforced “at some point between October 2019 and October 2020”. If you’re an early adopter and make the step away from plastic straws prior to being forced to that can only be a good thing. It’ll give you time to trial prices, products and suppliers until you find an alternative solution that works for your business. If you’ll wait until the decision is made for you then you’ll be rushed into finding a solution.

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And finally, it can actually increase your profits...

You’ve probably seen our No Plastic Straws sticker in a bar or restaurant’s window – it’s one of the most recognised symbols for businesses to display to show that they’re taking action against single-use plastics. If you’ve already made the step away from plastic straws then your next step is to put one of our stickers in your window and start reaping the rewards. We asked 1,000 UK consumers if they saw one of our stickers in a business’s window would they be more likely to purchase from them, and 89% (891) of them said that they would.


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