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Ditched single-use plastic straws, cups or bags? Display one of our window stickers to convert more passing trade and increase your profits ethically

The stickers and their packaging are made from a custom elemental chlorine-free non-coated paper and are classified 100% biodegradable by EN 13432 standards


Convert passing trade and increase your profits ethically

On average single-use plastic alternatives cost 350% more than their plastic counterparts and more so than ever consumers are respecting a business’s decision to reduce their margins and use single-use plastics alternatives.

1,000 high street consumers were asked the question ‘If you saw one of these stickers in a business’s window would you be more likely to purchase from them?’ and 891 (89%) of them answered ‘Yes’.


Our profits are split between reinvestment and donation

Profits from our stickers are reinvested into our to raise awareness of the campaign. Reinvestment increases the value of the stickers to the businesses displaying them, whilst also encouraging the usage of plastic alternatives.

We have also chosen to donate 10% of our profits to The Ocean Cleanup who develop technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Whilst we help prevent plastic usage, The Ocean Cleanup help repair the damage that has been done.


“We made the decision to scrap plastic straws and cups in 2017. Now we’ve got the stickers up, passers-by often acknowledge before coming in. When we made the decision to move away from single-use plastics we never dreamt it would benefit us financially, but here we are!”

Jasmine Catherall, Bar Manager at The Scrap Yard, Beer & Coffee House